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My hair and I have been enduring an epic, yet endless struggle for control for many years. I have always been prone to wash hair with use of the deepest most buttery air conditioners and home hair treatment. After I have moved to Singapore, the dryness of my hair has gotten much worse in this extremely humid weather especially during these rainy months.

Now add a current pregnancy and struggles with postpartum hair loss (recall this article ) into the mixture and my hair woes started to truly upset me because my fine, already dry hair was appearing limper than ever before. And now that the hair that I lost after pregnancy is beginning to regrow, I am getting funny small hair horns sticking out of my mind that are the epitome of not cute. Even getting my hair to appear decent in a ponytail became challenging.

I first found and began going to this hair salon right after my child was born since I noticed they use and promote Kerastase Singapore products and KÉRASTASE is just one of the only hair care lines whose goods actually make my hair feel soft and hydrated. When I first walked into the salon I first knew I’d found my equivalent of Hair Heaven and the quality of service I’ve obtained contrasts the salon’s attractiveness and trendy quality. Additionally, I could not be relieved and thankful that hair salon introduced me into KÉRASTASE’s Fusio-Dose Remedy ! In all sincerity though, this hair treatment Singapore blew me away!

Once I opt for the Fusio-Dose Treatment in my hair salon trip, my stylist first talks with me about my hair concerns as well as evaluates my hair to come up with my custom made formula to use. With this most recent trip we chose to go with a”double moisture” cure since the humid weather have made my own hair dry and appear damaged. She applied the Concentré Oléo Fusion foundation followed from the Nutrition Booster. The remedy left my hair feeling unbelievably soft and shiny, and I could not stop running my hands through it! My stylist subsequently implemented KÉRASTASE’s LIFT VERTIGE on my origins for quantity in addition to KÉRASTASE’s KERATINE THERMIQUE in my endings for to fight frizz prior to my blowdrying. If my hair was dry she finished it off using L’ORÉAL’s Mythic Oil around my hairline to fight my pesky infant hairs.


The KÉRASTASE Fusio-Dose Treatment lasts between 6-10 shampoos and is available for $28 at the hair salon. The difference it makes in the texture of my hair in addition to just how much it alleviates my styling period by making my hair more manageable makes it worth every cent. Here are a few unretouched images taken before and right after my KÉRASTASE Treatment! Please ignore the fact that I urgently need a trim (though the Fusio treatment made that a whole lot more noticeable, making it perfect when you’re stretching out your haircuts and attempting to grow your own hair ). My own hair was cleaned and styled within my BEFORE images. .



You will be stunned by the gorgeous ambience of the salon and everyone there aims to provide one of the most awesome experience! They’ve severely been that the Oasis in my tender, desiccated hair struggles. And if you are not nearby, it is possible to get a salon that offers KÉRASTASE’s Fusio-Dose Treatments HERE! I hope you all have a stunning (hair) day!